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16.03.2022 - ADAC GT Masters

Sustainable and innovative: New Shell fuel for the ADAC GT Masters

  • ADAC GT Masters takes on pioneering role with the introduction of a sustainable fuel
  • Shell to exclusively supply the innovative fuel “Blue Gasoline 98 GT Masters”

Munich. A strong statement in favour of greater sustainability from the ADAC GT Masters: The German GT Championship is taking on a pioneering role in the introduction of environmentally friendly fuels, and will exclusively use a sustainable fuel from Shell in the 2022 season. The innovative Shell fuel “Blue Gasoline 98 GT Masters” contains roughly 50% sustainable components. The ADAC GT Masters and Shell are hereby making a vital contribution to achieving greater sustainability in motorsport. As of this year, the new fuel will also be used in ADAC GT4 Germany, ADAC TCR Germany, and ADAC Formula 4. The new ADAC GT Masters season gets underway from 22nd to 23rd April in Oschersleben. TV station NITRO will broadcast all 14 races live, from 12:30 on each respective race day.

With roughly 50% regenerative components, “Blue Gasoline 98 GT Masters” is an innovative development of Blue Gasoline 95, which was launched in Germany last year, and which Shell developed in cooperation with Bosch and Volkswagen. “Blue Gasoline 98 GT Masters” meets the EN228 E10 standard with at least RON98 with no restrictions.

Felix Balthasar, Manager of Speciality Fuels at Shell: “The new fuel is another building block in our mosaic of sustainable fuel solutions, which will help us to reduce CO2 emissions in the mobility sector. Our involvements in motorsport are varied and have a long history. Under the extreme conditions faced out on the racetracks, we gain valuable knowledge for the research and development of alternative fuels for the road.”

Dr. Gerd Ennser, ADAC Sport President: “The use of an environmentally friendly fuel from our long-term supplier Shell in the ADAC GT Masters and its support series is another step in our multi-phase plan for greater sustainability in motorsport. With the introduction of a sustainable fuel in professional customer racing, the German GT Championship is underlining its pioneering role and making an important contribution to reducing CO2.”

Lars Soutschka, Member of the Executive Board ADAC: “Through various initiatives and innovations, the ADAC is making it clear that motorsport and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive. Last year, in cooperation with our partner BWT, we successfully launched a project to reduce the amount of plastic waste at the racetrack. The cooperation with Shell is another important step. Motorsport, as an innovation centre, can demonstrate its relevance to production with the development of new fuels. We will also continue to take a sustainable view as we develop the ADAC GT Masters as a top motorsport format in Europe.”
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Das ADAC GT Masters setzt auf einen exklusiven nachhaltigen Kraftstoff von Shell

16.03.2022 - ADAC GT Masters

Das ADAC GT Masters setzt auf einen exklusiven nachhaltigen Kraftstoff von Shell

Das ADAC GT Masters setzt auf einen exklusiven nachhaltigen Kraftstoff von Shell

Download 1.28 MB - Auflösung: 4488 x 2992px
Download 1.28 MB

Das ADAC GT Masters setzt auf einen exklusiven nachhaltigen Kraftstoff von Shell

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