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15.08.2019 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Griebel, Kreim and Dinkel at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland: German rally aces challenge the WRC 2 world elite

  • Marijan Griebel and Fabian Kreim to start in brand-new Škoda Fabia R5 evo
  • Dominik Dinkel to premiere at the German WRC event in a Hyundai i20 R5

Munich. When the ADAC Rallye Deutschland brings rally action to the Saarland and neighbouring region between 22 and 25 August, it may be worthwhile not to look out only for the WRC cars of the top-category drivers. The category of the R5 cars will also offer top-notch rally-racing at the German WRC event. Three German drivers have good chances in this field: Marijan Griebel, Fabian Kreim and Dominik Dinkel. The trio faces strong competition in the WRC 2 and manufacturer-supported WRC 2 PRO. Griebel, Kreim and Dinkel have all learned some of their rally-driving skills in the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup rookie series and translated them into impressive international successes.

Marijan Griebel – rally copper and local hero

Speaking of Marijan Griebel, “home rally” is right on the mark: the 30-year-old inspector with the Rhineland-Palatinate State Police lives in Hahnweiler smack in the centre of the rally region. As a WRC guest driver in last year’s ADAC Rallye Deutschland he wowed the rally community by landing an 8th place in the overall standings in his DS3 WRC. Not long after he clinched the DRM German rally championship and was voted ADAC racer of the year. In 2019, the erstwhile grantee of the ADAC sport foundation competes in the FIA European Rally Championship (ERC), after winning the ERC Junior U28 in 2017. Driving for the ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team, he already won the title in the ERC Junior in 2016. His morale could not be better after winning the Rallye Luxemburg for the third consecutive time just recently. Griebel looks forward to taking on his 9th ADAC Rallye Deutschland, this time with co-driver Pirmin Winklhofer in the new Škoda Fabia R5 evo.

Despite all his experience, this year’s start will not be routine for him, said Griebel: “The ADAC Rallye Deutschland is my season highlight. I am very glad about the opportunity to start driving for Team Škoda Auto Deutschland – and in nothing less than the new evo version of the Fabia R5. Before the Rally Germany, Pirmin and I will drive in the Barum Czech Rally in Zlin, Czech Republic. This is important, something like a dress rehearsal. If we are able to get into a good rhythm at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, we will surely compete among the top WRC 2 teams. This is our goal!”

Fabian Kreim has his aim set on the WRC 2 podium

At the 2018 ADAC Rallye Deutschland, Fabian Kreim came in as a strong 4th in the WRC 2. Nobody would have expected this any more after the setback the driver from the Odenwald hill country suffered due to a tyre puncture right at the beginning. The former grantee of the ADAC sport foundation has matured into an international top driver, as his 4th place in the 2018 FIA ERC comes to underscore. This year, Kreim is comfortably in the lead in the German rally championship (DRM). Just 26 years old, he looks forward to his 7th Rally Germany– his 5th time for Team Škoda Auto Deutschland. His co-driver in the new Škoda Fabia R5 evo will be Tobias Braun.

Kreim’s objective in the ADAC Rallye Deutschland is clear: “We want to fight for the podium in the WRC 2. It will not be easy seeing how strong the competition is. But we are well-prepared. So far, our season went super. We were able to win two rallies in the DRM, and most recently we came in 2nd at Sulingen, adding to our lead. Each year, the ADAC Rallye Deutschland is my personal highlight. Here we get to go up against the world’s top drivers in front of our home crowd. The Special Stages are very challenging but there are always plenty of friends from back home who come to support me,” said Kreim.

Dominik Dinkel’s R5 debut at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland:

“Driving in the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup Dominik Dinkel already started twice in the ADAC Rallye Deutschland: in 2013 and 2014. This year, the 26-year-old will start in the main field and in a performance R5 car for the first time. For quite some time, the talented young driver from the Upper Franconia region, son of a rally family, was known only to insiders. This changed in 2016, when he won 3rd place in the DRM in his Skoda Fabia S2000. In 2017 and 2018, driving a Fabia R5, he was both times defeated narrowly in the fight for the title and finished vice champion. In the current season, Dinkel and his co-driver Christina Fürst drive on the international circuit. In a Hyundai i20 R5, they made their mark at the WRC Rally Portugal, for instance.

Dinkel looks forward to the ADAC Rallye Deutschland with great anticipation: “It will be a highlight! My family and friends will be there to cheer me on. Starting at your own country’s WRC rally in front of the German fans is plenty of extra motivation to perform well. I look forward to the vineyards and the Panzerplatte in particular. Most of the Special Stages are completely new for us. This will make it hard to hold our own against the teams who know the itinerary already. But we will prepare as well as feasible and give our best,” said Dominik Dinkel.

Last chance until 21 August 2019: discounted rally and day passes in pre-sale

Passes to the ADAC Rallye Deutschland are available at The official online ticket shop sells both four-day rally and day passes. ADAC members pay €65 for a pre-sale rally pass (€70 for non-members). During the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, the regular price for a rally pass will be €80 at all on-site sales points. Day passes (for Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday) are available exclusively on pre-sale and start at €25.

ADAC Rallye Deutschland information:

The ADAC Rallye Deutschland has a unique worldwide reputation. Its mix of hairpin stages in the vineyards, tough tracks on the Baumholder tank range and fast asphalt roads presents extreme challenges for both the teams and the drivers. Excellent driving skills and versatility are of the essence here. Diversity, high-class action and closeness to the fans are the ingredients that make the ADAC Rallye Deutschland such an attractive package for spectators as well. Year after year, this major event draws enthusiastic crowds from all over Europe, giving it a special, international atmosphere.
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Pirmin Winklhofer, Marijan Griebel, Tobias Braun, Fabian Kreim (v.l.n.r., Foto: Škoda Auto Deutschland)

14.08.2019 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Pirmin Winklhofer, Marijan Griebel, Tobias Braun, Fabian Kreim (v.l.n.r., Foto: Škoda Auto Deutschland)

Download 3.55 MB - Auflösung: 3543 x 2362px
Download 3.55 MB

Pirmin Winklhofer, Marijan Griebel, Tobias Braun, Fabian Kreim (v.l.n.r., Foto: Škoda Auto Deutschland)

Dominik Dinkel (l.) und Christina Fürst (r.) mit ihrem Hyundai i20 R5 (Foto: Dominik Dinkel)

14.08.2019 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Dominik Dinkel (l.) und Christina Fürst (r.) mit ihrem Hyundai i20 R5 (Foto: Dominik Dinkel)

Download 1.57 MB - Auflösung: 1600 x 1065px
Download 1.57 MB

Dominik Dinkel (l.) und Christina Fürst (r.) mit ihrem Hyundai i20 R5 (Foto: Dominik Dinkel)

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