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23.04.2012 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

2012 ADAC Rallye Deutschland more spectator-friendly than ever

Four days of action – the 2012 edition of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland will be a top show for motorsport enthusiasts everywhere. A revision of the special stages and a new spectator concept have made the one German rally on the FIA Rally World Championship (WRC) calendar more interesting and spectator-friendly than ever.

There will be 63 spectator points in all this year, 27 of them all new and three enlarged. To give you an idea of the magnitude: in 2011, there were 60 spectator points, of which six new. This year, even long-standing friends of the rally will enjoy completely new and attractive ‘insights’ on ADAC Rallye Deutschland. The new highlights include an all-new shakedown, an “Arena Panzerplatte” that has become even spectator-friendlier and last, but not least, the “Grafschaft” and “Peterberg” in addition to the modified “Mittelmosel” (formerly Moselwein) and “Stein & Wein” (formerly Ruwertal) special stages.

Need we point out that, in both the old and new spectator zones, the fans can count on the high standards of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland in terms of infrastructure such as parking, info spots, sanitary facilities and food & beverage stands...

Another positive side effect of the changes: with all the new stages and sections on the itinerary, the drivers will have to ‘learn’ the special stages all over again. You could look at this as a warranty of suspense.

Armin Kohl, the Clerk of the Course of ADAC Rallye Deutschland, is proud and happy about a more spectator-friendly event: “This year, the greater Trier region hosts a FIA WRC event for the 10th time. I am so glad in this anniversary year that by having some 30 new spectator points, we were able to make the ADAC Rallye Deutschland even more attractive and exciting for the fans. The spectator points are all in very scenic locations and offer the fans very good overview of the spectacular rally action, whether we are talking about the panoramic Mosel stages, the new Saarland special stage or the view across the “Panzerplatte” tank range in the Hunsrück area, which should be unique the world over.”

Advance ticket sales

Tickets for the FIA WRC German rally are available immediately by telephone hotline at 01805-960960 (¢14/min from the German landline system; much more expensive over mobile phones) or on the Internet at

And here is something the fans will certainly like: ADAC has not change pricing for the three ticket cate-gories, which will all be available at the affordable 2011 prices. Four-day passes are available in the GOLD (€89.00), SILVER (€69.00) and BRONZE (€59.00) categories.

The GOLD and SILVER passes include entry to the CIRCUS MAXIMUS power stage centred on the ancient Porta Nigra gate in Trier. At this city spectacular, owners of GOLD passes will have seating reserved on the stands. Children up to 12 years of age pay only €15.00 for the CIRCUS MAXIMUS and have free entry elsewhere. Tickets will be shipped approx. 6 weeks before the event.
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