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24.08.2012 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Quotes after Moselland 2

LOEB, Sébastien / ELENA, Daniel: "I am happy about this fabulous time."

HIRVONEN, Mikko / LEHTINEN, Jarmo: "I still haven't found the right rhythm."

SOLBERG, Petter / PATTERSON, Chris: "There is a lot of dirt on the track. I am not satisfied with my time."

ÖSTBERG, Mads / ANDERSSON, Jonas: "I was having problems with the brake again, especially towards the end of the stage."

LATVALA, Jari-Matti / ANTTILA, Miikka: "I was taking it too cautiously. I am not satisfied with my time."

TANAK, Ott / SIKK, Kuldar: "I am not satisfied at all with my brake."

NEUVILLE, Thierry / GILSOUL, Nicolas: Engine stalled at hairpin.

ATKINSON, Chris / PRÈVOT, Stephane: "For me every kilometre of the stage is important to gain experience."

GUERRA, Benito / ROZADA, Borja: "We have improved the pace notes. It was going better now than in the first run."

SORDO, Daniel / DEL BARRIO, Carlos: "I am pushing really hard, but I cannot go any faster."

GASSNER, Hermann / THANNHÄUSER, K.: "During the last stage we had misfires, and it got worse on this stage. I don't know if we will make it to the finish."

FUCHS, Nicolas / MUSSANO, Fernando: "We are having problems with the fuel pump and as a result the engine stalls quite often."

OGIER, Sébastien / INGRASSIA, Julien: "At the start of the stage it was very difficult, as there was so much gravel on the track."

MIKKELSEN, Andreas / FLOENE, Ola: "I am not really satisfied with my time. I was not able to concentrate because of a fly in the cockpit."

GASSNER JR., Hermann / WICHA, Klaus: "At the start of the stage we damaged the rear left wheel, but luckily we made it to the finish without a puncture."

CHARDONNET, Sébastien/DE LA HAYE, T.: Bonnet has opened, bad visibility.
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