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18.08.2012 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

ADAC Rallye Deutschland Guest of the DTM at Nürburgring

  • Motor sport legends at the official ADAC Rallye Deutschland press conference

Nürburgring/Trier, 18 August 2012 – Five days before the ADAC Rallye Deutschland (23 to 26 August 2012) gets started, numerous journalists followed an invitation by ADAC to the official ADAC Rallye Deutschland press conference held during the DTM event at Nürburgring. Last year’s ADAC Rallye Deutschland winner, Sébastien Ogier (FRA), and rally legends Carlos Sainz (ESP), Juha Kankkunen (FIN) and Markku Alén (FIN) attend the official ADAC Rallye Deutschland press conference during the Nürburgring DTM event.

ADAC Vice President Sport Hermann Tomczyk and Clerk of the Course Armin Kohl also answered questions from the journalists. “The preparations for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland have been concluded, let the Rallye begin”, said Hermann Tomczyk. “I look forward to this year’s event with great anticipation since we are celebrating a double anniversary: the 30th season of the Rallye Deutschland, 10 of which it was the German rally on the WRC calendar. This was an incentive for us to make the rally even more interesting for the fans. We redesigned the Special Stages and made our spectator concept even more attractive. On the whole we can say we were successful in making the German WRC event even more spectator-friendly.”

Again, ADAC expects over 200,000 fans at this event which is one of the absolute highlights on the international motor sport calendar. In this anniversary year, the spectators can look forward to another large field of 71 cars entered. With changes to the itinerary and longer Special Stages the rally will be a new challenge for the world’s best rally drivers. The supporting events around the WRC ADAC Rallye Deutschland are premier motor sport as well: in the Histo Rally motor racing vets like Stig Blomqvist, Björn Waldegaard and Jacky Ickx will drive historic rally cars. Also, on Friday and Saturday (24/25 August 2012) two events in the German rally championship (DRM) will be held. Another highlight not to be missed on Sunday (26 August 2012) before the Circus Maximus in Trier is the Red Bull NASCAR show run featuring former Formula 1 driver Patrick Friesacher (AUT).

A selection of the most important comments from the press conference

Hermann Tomczyk (ADAC Vice President Sport) on the success of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland:
“With the ADAC Rallye Deutschland we have been on the WRC calendar for ten years now and we are considered one of the best events world-wide. We worked for 20 years to get there. The long tradition demonstrates the outstanding capabilities of our officials, staff and volunteers. And improving on this high level of quality of the event every year takes clear goals, passion and enthusiasm for rally racing.”

Hermann Tomczyk on his best memories from 10 years of WRC rallying in Germany:
“2002, when we were finally given the WRC rally for the first time after our ‘probationary’ season and after so many years of assiduous preparation and I could watch Walter Röhrl leading the rally in his Porsche and I saw how much enthusiasm for rally racing there is in this country.”

Hermann Tomczyk about Volkswagens's commitment to the World Rally Championship:
"We are really happy with Volkswagen's commitment to the WRC. Their arrival is an addition for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. And surely, a long-term commitment will have its positive effects on club- and junior level rallying."

Armin Kohl (Clerk of the Course, ADAC Rallye Deutschland) on organising the rally:
“The ADAC Rallye Deutschland is one of the hardest major events to organise. There is no permanent rally track to which you just have to drive. What we do here is set up the Special Stages and a whole infrastructure, man and connect every point and within a week all will be gone again. This is an unbelievably complex feat of logistics, far beyond county or state limits.”

Armin Kohl on his last event as Clerk of the Course and the future of rally racing in

“Right now, I look forward to the 2012 ADAC Rallye Deutschland ahead. I am very proud that the ADAC Rallye Deutschland has become so successful. I absolutely believe that rally racing has a great future in Germany. Rising numbers of spectators and the enormous enthusiasm of the fans are proof that the sport has huge potential here.”

Sébastien Ogier (winner of the 2011 rally) about the ADAC Rallye Deutschland:
“I look forward with great excitement to the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. My win last year was something very special for me, most of all because Sébastien Loeb won this rally eight times in a row before me. The Special Stages are very surprising and spectacular. As a driver, you have to give all you have. The “Circus Maximus” Super Special right in the downtown of Trier is the crowning highlight – a unique experience for any driver.”

Carlos Sainz (two-time WRC Champion and winner of the Dakar rally) on how satisfied he is with the status of development of the new VW Polo R WRC:
“I am very proud to be part of the development of the VW Polo R WRC. We are all having tremendous fun and we are satisfied with where we are in the development. We are well within schedule and the test results are positive. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done but we all want to give Sébastien Ogier a competitive car for 2013.”

Juha Kankkunen (four-time WRC Champion) addressing the question whether rally drivers are the better race drivers:
“A rally course is hardly comparable with a circuit race track. On a circuit, events are repetitive. Lap after lap you have to find the perfect braking points and keep an eye on your competitors. It is really hard always to stay at the limit. Rally drivers must rather drive intuitively. We do one or two recces of a Special Stage and always have to be aware of something unexpected that may happen. We have to be more spontaneous in our reactions. On top of that we are responsible for our co-drivers.”

Markku Alén (rally legend) on whether rally drivers are aware of the atmosphere among 200,000 enthusiastic fans along the Special Stages, as it is at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland:
“Of course, you have to be highly concentrated on the Special Stages – any little mistake and the rally is over for you. But still you catch the atmosphere. It sends shivers down your spine. Something I like about rally racing is being so close to the fans. I really advise fans to go to the Service Park. Here you can watch the mechanics at work and see the drivers up close.”
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18.08.2012 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland


Nürburgring, Pressekonferenz, Rallye Deutschland

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Nürburgring, Pressekonferenz, Rallye Deutschland

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