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10.08.2012 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

ADAC Rallye Deutschland Facts & Figures

The countdown is on! The ADAC Rallye Deutschland starts in 13 days. But the starting pistol for the planning in view of this major event was fired almost a year ago. Right after the end of the 2011 WRC event.

The first leg in the planning race was the 170 page official permit application illustrated with 25 location maps. This basic document for holding the rally is also the result of numerous consultations with the local authorities from the area hosting the rally. As every year, the more than 60 local mayors from the region were briefed in detail to secure their support for the 2012 event. For ten years, the ADAC Rallye Deutschland has been welcome in the greater Trier region. The roughly 200,000 spectators it attracts are a welcome addition to the business of the regional trade and hospitality industries. On the other hand, the international media coverage it enjoys makes it a prime publicity platform for the region.

Right now, the permanent rally office at Birkenfeld is handling a stream of requests from the teams. A permanent staff of four is busy sending the rally documentation to the teams: the challenge is to get some 600 Road Books, 400 Spectator Kits, 300 sectional maps, 250 car decals, 300 schedules and 100 new DVDs with footage of the itinerary to their addressees in time.

The ADAC central depot at Herrstein bursts with the safety furnishings for the 15 Special Stages, covering a distance of 370 kilometres this year. 460,000 metres of cordoning tape, 45,000 metres of plastic fencing, 12,500 metres of wire fencing and 4,000 metres of ADAC logo cordoning tape as well as some 7,700 notice and guiding signs for spectator management are ready to be packed at a moment’s notice into some 105 crates and loaded onto 130 vehicles to be taken to their eventual locations.

To make the 2012 ADAC Rallye Deutschland even more spectator-friendly, the organisers selected 27 new spectator areas. They bring the total to 62 spectator areas from which the fans can watch the international elite of rally racing. At 18 prime spectator areas, public announcement systems will keep the fans informed. This is the task of seven speakers, who will comment the action in four languages.

The hot phase in the preparations will begin in mid-August: the ADAC organising team will move from Birkenfeld to Trier. They will set up the rally headquarters at the Park Plaza Hotel, which will be the control centre for any and all activities during the rally week. At the heart of the Service Park (Messepark Trier) they will set up the media centre. From here, 450 accredited journalists will cover the rally for the world.

Last but not least, some 3,000 volunteer helpers from the ADAC local clubs from all over Germany are the heart and soul of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland.
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