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03.08.2012 - ADAC Rallye Deutschland

ADAC Rallye Deutschland - be Part of the Event! TOP SPOTS for spectators and fans

ADAC Rallye Deutschland – be Part of the Event!
TOP SPOTS for spectators and fans

Each year, some 200,000 fans from all over the world congre-gate in the greater Trier region to be part of one of the top events in international motor sport, the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. This summer, the spectators are in for more rally action than ever before: changes to the itinerary, extended Special Stages and new spectator areas will make this popular event even more attractive. But what are the do-not-miss items on the schedule? Here are some tips and the absolute Top Spots that will make attendance at the 2012 ADAC Rallye Deutschland worthwhile. This is the 30th Anniversary Edition of the event as such and its 10th anniversary as part of the WRC circus.

The show-stage: Porta Nigra

The ancient Roman Porta Nigra gate in Trier is the absolute must at the ADAC Rallye Deutsch-land. This location is on the schedule three times: for the Show Start, the “Circus Maximus” and the podium ceremony. Germany’s oldest building is the most impressive backdrop for the presentation of the competing teams on Thursday night (23 August, starting at 20:00hrs). The rally cars will then parade for the fans down to the “Hauptmarkt” square. And before Sunday’s closing ceremony, the area around the Porta Nigra will be refashioned into the Circus Maximus, the Power Stage of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland (start: 13:21hrs). The fast and narrow down-town circuit will offer the drivers one last opportunity to pick up additional WRC points. Finally, the podium ceremony (Sunday 26 August) will take place at the Porta Nigra.

The Special Stage highlights in detail

Of the 62 spectator points at the 2012 ADAC Rallye Deutschland, 27 are completely new. All of them – whether they be along the scenic routes in the Mosel valley, the new Saarland Special Stage or along the fast racing stages in the Hunsrück region – are in very appealing settings and offer the fans the best viewing conditions.

Shakedown at Konz (23 August 2012, 09:00hrs, length 4.55km) The new Shakedown – something like a warm-up lap for rally drivers – is a good opportunity to see the cars all day in different locations. Tip: the “Kommlingen Arena” is staged along both slopes of a small valley very easy to oversee.

Mittelmosel (24 August 2012, 10:48 to 16:17hrs, length 24.90km) There are numerous spectacular viewing points along this vineyard stage. For instance, the setting at the “Weierbach Kehre” (Weierbach switchback) is like an amphitheatre. And from the “Heidenkopf” you can oversee several turns.

Moselland (24 August 2012, 11:36 to 17:05hrs, length 22.79km) The highlight of this stage is the unique scenic road high above the Mosel River. There are many spectator points along this stage where the cars remain in view very long. Since the cars are also passing very close by, the rally experience is very intensive here.

Grafschaft (24 August 2012, 12:29 to 17:58hrs, length 21.23km) The “Veldenz Arena” is aptly named: the “stands” from which the spectators can watch the ac-tion are a meadow along the hillside offering full view of the switchback manoeuvres of the rally cars.

Stein & Wein (25 August 2012, 07:58 to 14:43hrs, length 26.54km) The name (stone and wine) says it all: on this stage, the drivers have to fight their way up an-other steep stony ascent into the vineyards. Along most of its sections, there are extensive spectator areas along the slopes and on vineyard walls. Tip: spectator point Z6 “Waldrach Sportplatz” (athletic field) offers the best viewing.

Peterberg (25 August 2012, 09:01 to 15:46hrs, length 9.37km) This new Special Stage takes the competitors up-hill and down-dale in northern Saarland. There is an extremely steep downhill section at Eiweiler with several 90° turns. The Eiweiler spectator point (Z2) gives rally fans the best view of this section.

Arena Panzerplatte (25 August 2012, 10:52 to 17:37hrs, length 46.54km) An approximately 2km² area on the Baumholder military reserve is the setting for probably the most famous Special Stage of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. It is also one of the best places if you want to watch the cars long and often. This stage is one of the greatest challenges for the drivers and their machines in world rallying. A very popular photo motif is the legendary “Gina” jump. Near the tower on the highest spot of the “Arena Panzerplatte” you get the best overview.

Dhrontal (26 August 2012, 09:13 to 11:36hrs, length 30.76km) At this Special Stage, spectators should not miss the “Galeria Dhron” section: from high above you get a panoramic view of the seven downhill hairpin bends in the vineyards.

Circus Maximus (26 August 2012, 13:21hrs, length 4.37 km)There is no more spectacular final stage in a rally anywhere. The Power Stage on Sunday (26 August) takes the drivers drifting through the narrow streets of downtown Trier with the ancient Porta Nigra as a unique backdrop. Spectators can post themselves up close all along the circuit. Maxi video screens will be set up to help them get the big picture.

Rally up close and personal at the Service Park

Dropping by at the Service Park on the Trier trade fair grounds is worthwhile on any of the three official days. Located south-west of downtown Trier, this is the hub of the whole rally. This is where the drivers turn in for their 15-minute morning service, the 30-minute noon-time service and the 45-minute night-time flexi service (Friday and Saturday). This is the best place to get close to the drivers or watch them and their crews at work or get autographs. At the “Messepark” you will also find the fan shops, the info point, food and refreshments, sanitary facilities, as well as medical and police stations. Equipped with a video screen, the stage in the middle of the Service Park will host interviews and the nightly press conferences.

Attractive rally supporting events

The 2012 ADAC Rallye Deutschland will host two events in the national German championship “Deutsche Rallye-Meisterschaft” (DRM). The national rally drivers (DRM) will seize the opportu-nity of the star-studded international event to perform to a larger audience on Friday and Satur-day (24 and 25 August 2012).

Those who love historic rally cars will enjoy the “Histo Rally”. The historic vehicles will perform after the DRM events on Friday (24 August 2012) and Saturday (25 August 2012) and after the WRC event on Sunday (26 August 2012), when they will drive the morning sections of the Mit-telmosel, Moselland, Grafschaft, Stein & Wein, Peterberg and Arena Panzerplatte Special Stages. On Sunday morning (starting around 10:23hrs), during the regrouping at the “Euro¬strand Leiwen” (open air pool), enthusiasts will have the opportunity to view the gorgeously restored historic cars up close. They will be seen racing again in the afternoon at the Circus Maximus in Trier.

More useful information about the ADAC Rallye Deutschland

The multilingual official magazine of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland is a very helpful tool for those who want to go methodically about their visit. It is available at €5.00 a copy from good newspaper stands or stores (in the region). It can also be ordered on the Internet at, and On some 100 pages, the magazine presents interesting interviews as well as extraordinary photos and captivating stories. In the extensive service section, fans will find everything on the spectator points, the newly designed sections and the best access routes.

For more information on the Special Stages, the schedule, maps and more useful directions for visiting the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, please go to
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